Our Services

Drain & Sewer Repairs


We specialize in unblocking drains and sewers. Each type of blockage requires the right tool. Ordinary clogs might require a minor service call. For major blockages and root problems, we use a heavy-duty cable to clear the pipes. Our experienced technicians know which machine and attachment will do the job thoroughly the first time so that you won't need repeat visits. 

Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless Water Heaters save you money and energy because they heat the water as it’s needed -- “on demand.” The hot water doesn’t sit, cool down and require re-heating before being used. As there’s no tank, Tankless Water Heaters also save space.

The key to success with Tankless Water Heaters is choosing the one rated for your hot water needs. We are experts at this type of installation and can advise you as to the right system for your home or business.

The key to success with Tankless Water Heaters is choosing the one rated for your hot water needs. We are experts at this type of installation and can advise you as to the right system for your home or business. 

Sump Pumps


 If water is collecting in your basement or in low areas on your property or if you need to force away sewage water, we will be happy to help you with sump pump repairs or installation. This is a specialized field that requires knowledge of pump ratings and the requirements of proper installation. Call us with your questions about sump pumps and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. 



For major blockages and root problems, we Hydro-Jet --- blow the pipes out using water under high pressure. Hydro-Jetting blows out roots, grease and anything else that might be blocking the drain. It's more effective than the usual cabling because it doesn't just unblock the drain, it cleans it. A clean drain will not snag foreign objects that could block the drain all over again. We believe that Hydro-Jetting is the future of drain and sewer clearing.

Without using harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes, Hydro-Jetting does the job thoroughly the first time. You won't need repeat visits and will have fewer problems in the future.

Hot Water Heaters


Hot water heater troubles can be downright uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Often we can save your water heater with expert repairs. We work on any brand and model of heater.

We provide comprehensive services for water heaters –– repair and installation of gas shut-off valves, water shut-off valves and water shut-off valves.

If it’s time to replace your old water heater because it’s too small or has worn out, call us. We can advise you on the best choice considering your needs as well as price, durability and energy efficiency. We will do the heavy lifting of removing your old water heater and bringing in a new one. You will save time and, by choosing a heater wisely, you will save money and energy. 

Sinks, Bathtubs & Toilets


Call us for repair of kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as sinks, toilets and bathtubs. We also install new fixtures either purchased elsewhere or from us. We offer a broad range of fixtures available from major manufacturers 

Shower Repair & Replacements


If your shower isn't working or is leaking, call us. This is a common problem that families want fast action on. Whatever the situation ( a blocked drain, worn faucets or shower heads, not enough hot water or a leaking shower stall ) we will fix it quickly at a reasonable price. You can also call us for expert installation of a new shower stall. 

Repiping w/Copper


If your plumbing suffers from any of these problems, your home may benefit from repiping with copper pipes:

* Low water pressure
* Water that is yellow or rust-colored
* A burst of scalding water in shower when a toilet is flushed or a sink or washing machine is turned on
* Pipes that repeatedly or continuously leak

Minerals can gradually build up in pipes and narrow them. Or pipes can rust. If your home was built before 1980, it likely has galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized steel pipes rust with age. Rust build-up can narrow the pipes to where you can hardly see through them. The result can be low water pressure, rust-colored water, frequent clogs or leaks.

Backflow Prevention


Backflow Prevention protects the health of your family or customers and employees by preventing contaminated water from reaching your faucets. Usually, water pressure from the supplier keeps water flowing in the right direction. However, if the water pressure experiences a major drop for any reason such as unusually heavy usage, water can flow the wrong way and contaminated water can enter your clean water pipes.

A Backflow Prevention Device protects the water supply in your home or business so that “backflowing” contaminated water never reaches your faucets. We are experienced in installation of these devices, which is important when the safety and health of your family are at stake. Call us for more information about backflow and about this important safety device. 

Garbage Disposals


If your garbage disposal has stopped working and you are handy, you may wish to attempt to fix it yourself using the advice in Plumbing Tips- Garbage Disposals. Or give us a call and we’ll send a technician to your home. If possible, we’ll repair your existing disposal. If a new disposal is needed, we’ll be happy to install one that you purchase or we can install one off our trucks 

Low Water Pressure


Low water pressure can be annoying and inconvenient. It may be due to a problem in the neighborhood water system or due to a problem within your property. We will quickly determine which it is. If it's a problem on your property, for example, if the pipes have narrowed due to rust or mineral build-up, we may recommend copper repiping. Or the problem may be as simple as a partially shut valve. Often solutions are available so that your household can enjoy normal water pressure. 

Earthquake Shut-off Valves


Explosions and fires due to broken natural gas lines are one of the biggest sources of damage from earthquakes. An Earthquake Shut-off Valve protects your home or business from this danger by shutting off the gas supply when it detects a quake strong enough to break gas lines. In many localities, an Earthquake Shut-off Valve must be installed before a building can be sold.

Call us to learn how you can protect your property with an Earthquake Shut-off Valve and also comply with any legal requirements. 

Faucet Repairs & Services


Leaky faucet? We specialize in repairing faucets so that the drips are fixed once and for all. If your faucet is beyond repair, we can install a sparkling new faucet of your choice. 

Bursted Pipes


If a pipe has burst, you want your water turned off FAST. Look for a main valve outside, possibly located on an outside wall. There should also be a main valve on your property near the street or sidewalk (a special tool may be required to turn it off). Often this main valve is located in a buried box with a cement lid or metal lid.

If you can’t turn off the water, call us and tell us that you have an emergency. We’ll put a plumber on the phone to help you get the water turned off and send a plumber to your property as fast as humanly possible. 

Toilet Clogs/Clogs


We will help you with a blocked toilet right away. We provide emergency service at competitive rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week